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CLASSIC is one of our retractable awning pergola systems with its classical appearance. While it can be installed on an empty patio, deck or backyard space with its own supporting structure, Classic can also be installed on an existing traditional pergola framework. This way it allows to have the benefits of our motorized retractable awning pergola without the need of our framework. Tailored to your needs, Classic can be installed flat, to match the flow of the existing framework or tilted to handle the rain drainage in a more effective way. It’s made with waterproof vinyl like composite material and high-quality attachment components to ensure a long-lasting solution. With classic, you can enjoy your old pergola with new functionality or add a high-tech modern pergola with a classical appearance.



Rooftops, Terraces, Pools, Backyards, Patio/Deck, Existing Pergola, Restaurants



Finally, a roof system that retracts, allowing you to double the use of outdoor living spaces, restaurant forecourts, pubs or clubs. Retracted in fine weather to let in sunshine and warmth, Classic can be closed with the push of a button for protection against wind and rain.

Classic is a stacking retractable PVC roof, operated by motorized motion control and runner systems, integrated into existing or custom frameworks, designed to resist rain, keep out wind and completely  or partially block hot sun.

Classic can be integrated into existing or custom framework.



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Joseph Settepani / Bruno’s Bakery, NY
Joseph Settepani / Bruno’s Bakery, NY

Bakery Owner

The beautiful thing about the pergola is that it gives a different look of outdoor space. It kind of makes you feel like you’re a little bit in Europe. So when I go I sit out there on my lunch break and everything and I see customers sitting out there it kind of just reminds me of being somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Kenny Couillard  / West Islip, NY
Kenny Couillard / West Islip, NY

Business administration

This is great, it is railing and awning at the same time. We have an extra room when the weather gets rain. wind or buggy. I will definitely recommend it to friends, even other people who came to my house.

Claudia Amboos
Claudia Amboos


I was a little skeptical ordering something like this online, but it is wonderful. It is well designed, manufactured and sturdy.