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Imagine yourself under your new outside veranda. Even when the weather doesn’t allow it anymore. With POINT, you do not just ensure that you can stay in the garden more often and longer periods, your garden furniture can also remain dry in the pouring rain. When you choose Patio Cover Point, you also opt for a high-quality robust structure at a very attractive price.
Maximum Projection 11′







Rooftops, Greenery, Terraces, Pools, Backyards, Solarium, Balcony, Patio/Deck 

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Joseph Settepani / Bruno’s Bakery, NY
Joseph Settepani / Bruno’s Bakery, NY

Bakery Owner

The beautiful thing about the pergola is that it gives a different look of outdoor space. It kind of makes you feel like you’re a little bit in Europe. So when I go I sit out there on my lunch break and everything and I see customers sitting out there it kind of just reminds me of being somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Kenny Couillard  / West Islip, NY
Kenny Couillard / West Islip, NY

Business administration

This is great, it is railing and awning at the same time. We have an extra room when the weather gets rain. wind or buggy. I will definitely recommend it to friends, even other people who came to my house.

Claudia Amboos
Claudia Amboos


I was a little skeptical ordering something like this online, but it is wonderful. It is well designed, manufactured and sturdy.